Personal Stats

Osvaldo Rios Photo
Full Name: Osvaldo Rios Alonso
Nickname: El Indio Guerrero
Place of Birth: Carolina, Puerto Rico
Birthday: October 25, 1960
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 6'1" (1.85 m)
Parents: Nellie Alonso and Osvaldo Rios
Siblings: Mildred, Osvaldo Luis and Alexander
Sons: Giuliano Gabriel,Osvaldo Gabriel and Alessandro Gabriel

Profession: Actor, Musician, Singer, Producer
Publicist: Elizabeth Hernandez of I-magen Entertainment

Production Companies: In 1997 Osvaldo founded his television production company Riverside Entertainment Group and in 1999 his film production company Grupo Gira-Soles Inc.  Most recently, from 2012 - 2013, served as President & CEO of Guerrero Films Entertainment Group.

Education:  Centro Caribeno de Estudios Post-Graduados - (Ph.D.) in Clinical Psycology
                    Universidad de Puerto Rico - (B.A.) in Clinical Psychology

Hobbies: Reading, Music (guitar and bass), Film and all sports

Skills: Horseback riding, Fencing, Martial Arts, Basketball, Baseball, Cycling, Swimming, Water Sports, Music Composition, Writing (verses, songs & poems), Singing, Dancing, Playing bass and guitar

His Greatest Joy: Spending time with his sons.