The Early Years

Osvaldo Rios
His overwhelming smile has captivated countless fans, but few know anything about his formative years. The son of Osvaldo Rios and Nellie Alonso was born on October 25, 1960 in Carolina, Puerto Rico. "I arrived at 9 in the evening, after a natural birth and weighing 5.5 kg."

Osvaldo was the youngest of the house: his sister Mildred was born on July 14, 1955.

When he was barely a few weeks old the family left the island and moved to the U.S... But their stay there would be short.  Osvaldo suffered bronchial problems, aggravated by the cold New York winters so under the advice of the physician the family returned to Puerto Rico 2 years later.

Forced by his profession as a merchant marine, Osvaldo’s father spent long periods away from the family. But, despite this, the actor has happy memories of his childhood: "When we got together, there were tambourines and guitars everywhere, even though it wasn't Christmas, because many of my relatives were musicians. The house was filled with joy. "

Osvaldo discovered his artistic calling at the age of 5, when he began singing in elementary school. He studied at the school of Dr. Jose M. Lazarus, better known as the "Kodak" and graduated in 1977.

Those happy years ended with the divorce of his parents. The future actor was only 8 years old and this would mark the beginning of a difficult period for him and for his mother, who had to work day and night to support the family.

Three years later, his mother remarried. Osvaldo got along very well with his stepfather, Kenny Sanchez, and loved to accompany him to his record store.

As his stepfather brought two children to the marriage, their needs were many, so young Osvaldo decided to contribute to the family finances. He worked shining shoes; sold plastic bags, handed out newspapers and mowed the neighbor’s lawns. But he always made time for his studies.

Osvaldo RiosOsvaldo was an outstanding student who excelled in athletics and music. His parents, seeing that he had a talent for music theory, enrolled him in the School of Music. There he learned to play bass and guitar, attended drama courses and met the Cantores of San Juan, a group he toured with during his vacations.

Osvaldo's musical interests led him to form groups in his native Puerto Rico in which he sang, played guitar and bass, and composed most of the songs he played. Osvaldo also plays drums and piano.

His beginnings as an artist came with his participation as a singer and musician in bands like "Los Cantores de San Juan", "Son Borinqueño" and "Colindancias", among others. As a singer he has performed on stages in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Venezuela, Spain, Bulgaria and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

But Osvaldo also wanted to be a psychologist. Thanks to his excellent grades, Osvaldo’s teachers gave him the opportunity to enroll in a program that would allow him to take advanced courses. So by the age of 15 he had graduated high school and entered the University of Puerto Rico to begin his studies in Clinical Psychology.

While studying at the University of Puerto Rico's School of Psychology, Osvaldo often attended the Drama Department.

After graduating as a psychologist at the University, he practiced his profession for several years with great success, particularly in the area of group therapies with teenagers in need of personal and academic orientation. However the arts continued to call to him.  Osvaldo took a job as a model and that would mark his first appearance in the media of his country.