Osvaldo Rios: "I learned not to repeat the destructive behaviors of my past"

Osvaldo Rios
By Luis Afonso Borrego

"I learned not to repeat the destructive behaviors of my past"

The telenovela actor, who now prevails in Hollywood films, reveals to us the peaceful time he lives today and how his children have helped him make positive changes.

I met Osvaldo Rios shortly after I started to work on TVyNovelas, 11 years ago. From the beginning, despite the concerns he had at the time with the media, the artist and I immediately clicked because we discovered that we shared the same birthday. Immediately we understood that as good scorpions, we both identify with intensity, perfectionism and with having a passion for everything we do.

In 11 years a lot has happened in our lives, but it seems that time has not been too harsh on the leading mans body, who at 54 years young still looks the way he did when he began in the business.

"I've been through many difficult times in my life, in which I have not even had food to eat, but my children have always eaten. They have never lacked, from my part in this nor in attention or love. I had no roof, but they did ... I am of the theory that if the mother of your child is happy and fulfilled, your child will be too. I pride myself on that and currently have a beautiful relationship with the three mothers of my children, and whenever I could I have given them support in the way I have been asked ".

Just before I met Osvaldo personally, he had been through one of the most difficult moments of his life, having been deprived of liberty in his native island for a domestic violence complaint from one of his former partners. These images of the artist entering the prison went around the world, leading him to hit bottom and rethink many things in his life, but also to secure himself in terms of his responsibilities.

"In 2003, I lived this situation publicly.  Because of this, I lost a multi million dollar contract with Televisa,... This led to serious economic problems. At that time, I had only two children.  I can eat anything, sleep anywhere and make do, but not my kids. I had to sell a property in Puerto Rico, among other properties, musical items, art ... it didn't hurt, because I knew I was doing the right thing. I think God rewarded me with the children that I have, because if I had to do it again to avoid them having a hard time, I'd do it again. "

However, the artist, who sees this moment as an opportunity for reinvention, and to try to be a better person, also sees it as an important life lesson from which he continues learning.

"There was a lot of misinformation ... My parameter for telling myself I'm fine is to do things right ...  I will not self-flagellate the rest of my life because of two years... 2002 to 2005 was about self-learning, to avoid making the mistakes of the past. Also to learn how to choose who I share my life an with and not repeat  the destructive behavior of my past that did not do me any good. It is very important to know who you share your life with and to check your behavior with the people you live with . When the years pass and I take more seriously the task of examining every day of my life, it works to be less hard, less autocratic and inflexible with those around you. I gained a lot of patience, I learned to forgive others and myself, to tolerate and develop the gift of patience. What has helped me to make this change has been my relationship with my children. I do not only educate them, they have taught me a lot as well. And now I allow myself to live with a little disorder without it upsetting me. "

 And despite that painful situation, of living for him and his children, I have been able to vouch for the great relationship he has with Carmen Dominicci, mother of his oldest son, Giuliano, of 25 years, who has also lived moments so very much commented on such as her divorce with the journalist Fernando Del Rincon, also related to domestic violence, where the histriĆ³n was a key player in bringing forward his son and his ex-wife, after the loss of her job following the scandal... this is also evident in the friendship that still exists with Geraldine and Kassiana, the mother of his other two offspring.

"When I go to Puerto Rico I always go out to dinner with Geraldine and Osvaldo Gabriel. Here in Miami, I'm always sharing with Kassiana and Alessandro, and with Carmen our relationship is based on who we are as parents and above and beyond the problems we could have had. During her last divorce, I was working in Mexico. Our son was not a child but an adolescent and with love we removed him from the tough situation that existed in that house. I called her and I said 'I'm here for anything. "at some point I took the liberty of calling and have an exchange of words with her ex-husband to ask something specific and I respected him ... I told him not to drag my son Giuliano into what he was living with Carmen. We had no conflict or anything. He behaved like a gentleman and I know that he was a great stepfather to him because he was there at times my son needed him. "

And following the most important premise in his life, which is that of his role as a father, it's only the heart of a committed progenitor,  that is leading him to reach the professional latitudes he always dreamed about, but for the sake of his children.

"Crises are good opportunities to grow and to make decisions and changes. While in Mexico, in 2011, as I was finishing recording 'Triumph of Love', I found myself with a dilemma, I could stay in the country with all the appeal of continuing with the world of soap operas, or go back to square one in Miami. While recovering from an emergency operation of inguinal hernias, the loneliness hit me very hard and I wondered what I was doing there when I had three wonderful children with whom I wanted to be. There were proposals for everything, theater, novelas ... From one moment to another, I called my eldest son, and told him how I felt and out of nowhere we created something we call the 'Miami Project', which meant permanently reuniting my three children born to different mothers, and he helped me do it, so that we could form a family of four.

It took two years and I started from scratch living in a tiny apartment, until I found the place I now share with my children. In this process and while traveling to Hawaii with the president of my fan club, they asked me what I would do in life and I told them I'd love to act and produce in Hollywood, and by the coincidences of life that day I learned that my friend Ricardo Kleinbaun had the rights to produce the 'Elsa and Fred' film, and needed an investor who came out of this meeting in Hawaii; not only did we stay with the production of that film with Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer, but we are now with 'Dark Places, "with Charlize Theron; 'Wild Oats' with Demi Moore and Jessica Lange, and 'Gloria', the film based on the life of Gloria Trevi, along with other projects that I have in the works with Al Pacino. "

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Source: TVyNovelas USA - June 2015